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Leaving Lolita Sale Part 1

Cause i have no time to wear lolita
i decided to leave lolita for a time and sell all my lolita stuff, so that
other people can be happy with this clothes.

Also i don't know how my taste and style will change in this time,
so it would be needlessly complicated to keep some "special style" dresses.
When i find the time to wear more lolita again, i'll buy new dresses ^_^

My Rules:
- Shipping is not included. Please ask and tell me your country for the calculation.
- PLEASE NOTE: Oversea shipping is always expensive!!!
- All prices are shown in Euro.
- I accept only Paypal.
- The payment must be done in EURO (€)!
- All clothes are clean and without stains/flaws.
- I ship within a week (please note the upcoming holidays for shipping time!)


Here's my feedback:

So let's start:

Innocent World Longsleeve Blouse

Price: 70 €

Bust: max. 92 cm
Waist: max. 80 cm
Lenght:52 cm

BTSSB Ribbon Heart JSK

 Price: 100 €

Bust: 85 cm - 98 cm
Waist: 64 cm - 82 cm
Lenght: 108 cm